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Get The Most From Your Employee Discount Program

Employee Discount Programs have blown up in the last decade.  Employees, now more than ever, are more interested in what benefits their company has to offer more than their pay scale.  Beyond your typical medical, dental, vision and 401k, employers are searching for ways to enhance their voluntary benefits packages to entice top talent in

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Affinity Marketing: A Crash Course

What is affinity marketing? Quite simply, it’s two brands with audience crossover coming together for a mutually beneficial relationship. Acquity is a broker in that space. We pair brands with no-brainer audiences, resulting in win-win outcomes. Think of a branded credit card. You have probably had one through a big box retailer or an airline.

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What is Acquity?

When we launched Acquity in the summer of 2018, we knew there was a real demand for consumer-first, need-based products and services in the loyalty and member benefits industries. With backing from trusted partners, COO Kevin Scobee and CMO Ryan Grier put their heads and decades of experience together and the end result was Acquity,

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