Kevin Scobee 2

Kevin Scobee – COO and Co-Founder

Kevin Scobee has nearly a decade of experience leading start-ups in the loyalty space. From home services, to hotels, to concierge for targeted demographics, Kevin has been the driving force in customer acquisition, strategic partnerships, and internal optimization operations.


Ryan Grier – CMO and Co-Founder

Ryan Grier launched one of the first and largest home services ancillary benefits programs in the nation.  Ryan continually works with companies, brands, and associations to expand their loyalty benefit offerings for increased engagement and to differentiate their programs.


Meghan Meier – Director of Business Development

Meghan Meier has worked in the Affiliate Marketing space specializing in home services for the last 5 years. With a vast knowledge in Lead Generation and strong skills in building Strategic Partnerships, she has a proven ability to seek, build, and foster relationships across many verticals that help all partners involved.


Heather Ferrari – Affinity Partnerships Manager

Heather Ferrari has spent her career building relationships in Communications, Human Resources, and Marketing with a specialization in Voluntary Benefits. Heather’s passion is people. With her strong background in HR, she helps bring Loyalty, Employee, and Affinity partnership programs to organizations that know the value in personnel appreciation.